After being officially appointed as chairman of the Unisma foundation, Prof. Dr. H. Yaqub Cikusin, M.Si launched six programs to bring the campus more advanced namely encouraging the progress of the university in the framework of internationalization, land unification and legalization, developing the Unisma Polytechnic (Polisma), developing the Unisma hospital into a teaching hospital, developing the Nusantara Islamic High School, and developing business units.

The six programs are priorities that are run together to face global competition in the future. This is also one of Unisma’s steps in realizing internationalization or world class University through cooperation with various parties in Indonesia and abroad as well as opening new study programs.

“What is still lacking is the development of Nusantara Islamic High School because the number of students is still lacking. As for the business units, we already have a few but their productivity need improving and the latest plan is that we will build a 9-story hotel, “he explained.

Prof. Yaqub hopes that his leadership can bring Unisma to be more independent, and the presence of business units makes this university not entirely depend on the number of students.  The business units are expected to be the non-profit for capital development which subsequently makes Unsma more sustainable.

Meanwhile, the rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. Maskuri, M.Si, also hopes that Unisma’s business units will be more developed and competitive especially if the Unisma Polytechnic has managed to get out of the current land environment and be able tobe independent  in 2020. The Polytechnic is a new unit and no longer shadowed by the greatness of Unisma.

“If that is achieved, Unisma Polytechnic will be able to compete. “The current era is an era of autonomy which is offered to education from the elementary to the university levels and various complex regulations will also be cut,” he said.

Likewise, Unisma is expected to have high creativity and innovation to enable the foundation bodies to compete. In addition, inspiration is also needed to foster any acceleration.