The concept of Islam rahmatan lil ‘alamin has been actualized by University of Islam Malang (Unisma) on various occasions such as  on Eid al-Adha momentum 1441 H. Unisma distributed 23 cows and 16 goats which were distributed to the community around the campus. The distribution of the sacrificial animals was meaningful especially now that the community is faced with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Because Covid-19 has had a significant impact, the surrounding community particularly needs more attention from the campus, “explained the Rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si.

He explained that sacrificial animals were also distributed to institutions outside Unisma, including to a number of Islamic boarding schools, streching  from Poncokusumo, Dampit, Pakisaji, Bululawang to Ampelgading.

Apart from the Unisma institution, the sacrificial animals this year also came from individuals from the Unisma academic community who were motivated to make sacrifices independently, not only from the institution, but also from the self-help of lecturers and employees,” he explained.

In addition to sharing sacrificial animals, Unisma also held Eid al-Adha prayers, Friday (31/8), at the Ainul Yaqin Mosque, Unisma. Regarding the implementation of the Eid Al Adha prayer, the caretaker of the Ainul Yaqin Mosque continues to enforce strict health protocols starting from maintaining distance, limiting the capacity of the congregation, requiring the use of masks, checking the temperature with a thermogun, to providing a disinfectant booth.

The preacher of Eid al-Adha is Prof. Dr. H. Ali Maschan Moesa, M.Si, Professor of UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya and the one who acts as the praying leader is Ali Zainal, M.Pd.