Unisma Distributes City Government Assistance for Covid-19 Impacted Students

Unisma once again distributed assistance to its 112 students coming from outside Malang.

According to Unisma’s Vice Rector 3, Dr. Ir. Badat Muwakid, M.P, who distributed the aid directly, said that this assistance came from the Malang City Government which was then distributed by several universities.

“This assistance is from the City Government for tertiary education. The university itself must first submit a proposal accompanied by the names of affected students, “said Vice Rector 3, Thursday (07/23).

Unisma itself channeled this assistance fund through designated banks. On this occasion the assistance was received symbolically by 20 students in which  the funds will be later  directly transferred to the accounts of each student.

Unisma is one 17 universities which received assistance from the City Government. This distribution will be reported later. Unisma proposed assistance fund for 505 Covid-19 impacted students, but it was approved 112 students after  verification and selection processes.

“Please note, not all students coming from outside cities or islands receive this assistance automatically, but they have to submit their proposals  accompanied with  the complete requirements, “he said.

The Vice rector 3 also hoped that this assistance would more or less ease the burden of students studying out of town or island. This pandemic condition likely affect everyone and every sectors including the economic. So we have to be thankful for  the growing concern of various parties for the affected community.