Islam Malang

Islam Malang


The closing of the study and campus life orientation for the 2021 new students of the  University of  Islam, Malang (Unisma) on Wednesday (8/9/2021) was spectacular. The agenda held online again broke the MURI for the 9th time given by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).

This time, the agenda is under the theme “Uploading Video of  Love for the Motherland on Social Media”  by the greatest number of students, 4,527 new students. The award was given directly by the Senior Manager of MURI, Sri Widayati, to the rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H Maskuri MSi.

“Representing the General Chairperson of MURI, today we announce and at the same time ratify that the work of new students with the Most Uploaded Videos on Love for the Motherland on Social Media by Students with 4,527 official uploads is recorded at MURI as the 10,0017th record of MURI,” said Sri Widayati

Responding to this, the rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H Maskuri, explained that the achievement of the MURI record was a gift and pride in itself. Moreover, it was recorded in only 6 years. “This means that Unisma is not always comfortable with the comfort zone but wants to always change with the concept of out of the box, the concept of change that distinguishes Unisma from other campuses and other universities, and Unisma must be at the forefront of making changes and making synergies leaps with various agencies both in the home country and abroad,” he said.

For that, he hopes that all new students in particular will be more confident to take part in academic life as well as various organizations and activities in the Unisma campus. “To prepare the quality of human resources that have intellectual, religious and national dimensions, these three dimensions must be integrated into one intellectual figure who has global insight following the Unisma tagline,” he added.

For information, Unisma held an orientation for the 2021/2022 new students on Study and Campus Life Orientation for three days from 6 to 8 September 2021. Of the total 4,527 Unisma freshmen, 50 new students attended in person as representatives, and the rest took online broadcasted on Youtube


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