Islam Malang

Islam Malang


Being the largest Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) campus in Indonesia does not make Unisma differentiate between religions and cultures.

On the contrary, through the vision of instilling the values ​​of ahlussunnah wal jamaah, Unisma is ready to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia and world peace as a moderate campus; moderate in the midst of pruralism, multiculturalism and diversity.

Unisma rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si, said that Unisma instilled some of these values, including At-Tawassuth which means moderate attitude, At Tawazun (balanced in all things), Al-I’tidal  (fair), Tasamuh  (tolerant), and Amar Ma’Ruf Nahi Mungkar ( being sensitive to good deeds and preventing bad deeds).

“In this all-technological development, how can the Unisma academic community have a moderate principle? Do not let it become a problem in the community because we have to respect differences. That means we can position ourselves wherever we are,” he said.

The application of these values ​​is then implemented into various campus programs beginning from admitting students regardless of their religious background, student exchange programs, to establishing partnerships with various international campuses.

“There are various religions in this campus such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and many more. Moreover, our students come from 34 countries. Currently there are around 250 foreign students. Even though they have different religions and backgrounds, no conlict is found in this campus. There is no discrimination. Even when you graduate, you can get bai’at (oath when you become a bachelor) in accordance with your respective religions such as in the faculty of medicine, “he continued.

On the other hand, the religious tradition of Unisma is also nurtured through various simple routines that must be carried out by lecturers and employees including reading the Al-Qur’an to start office activities, turning on the murotal (reciting) of the Qur’an in each room, routinely carrying out congregational prayers during midday prayers, and holding regular istigosah (reciting prayer together) every Friday night.

“This is the basis for one’s mentality and spirituality and it has become a tradition in our campus. So, we will affirm Unisma as a moderate campus, a campus of harmony, a campus of multiculturalism so that in the end we want to create peaceful Indonesia and  world,” he said.

In the future, to further strengthen Unisma as a moderate campus, his party is currently preparing several international standard programs starting from international conferences on world peace to cooperation with international lecturers to teach at Unisma. “Because what we see is not the background but the skills and quality of teaching in their respective fields,” he said.


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