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Three teams of University of Islam Malang (Unisma) students won funding in the 2021 Indonesian Student Business Competition. The first was Bonlebo,  floss of catfish, chaired by Risky Rahmad Indarato. The team was supervised by drh. Nurul Humaidah., M.Kes which consists of faculty of animal husbandry and economics and business students. Second, the team of faculty of teacher training and education and of economics and business students who created ‘devil meatball’ led by Oktavia Yovi Ratnasari who was supervised by Dr. Surya Sari Faradiba, S.Si., M.Pd and the third is FMS Production, supervised by Ita Athia S.Sos., M.M.

His team leader, Risky, said that processing catfish floss is a solution for catfish farmers. “I have started a catfish farming business since 2019. The problem faced by farmers is that the fish grow unequally in size,” he explained (23/5).

The catfish that has a length of 20 cm is usually consumed by the community. But large size or commonly called a dumbo catfish weighing 1-2 kg each generally comprises 5-10 percent of the catfish yield. “Usually dumbo catfish are sold for fishing target with low price because there are many similar sellers,” he explained.

If it is used as shredded fish or fish floss, the selling price is more expensive. 50 kg of catfish can produce 200 packages of shredded catfish which are sold starting at 15,000 rupiahs per package. He makes packaging sizes of 100 grams and 150 grams. ” Unisma facilitates livestock products lab for production,” he said.

His team received funding of 20 million rupiahs. Because the fund has not been paid yet, Unisma has loaned it first to carry out the stages. “With the funding provided, the plan will be to build another catfish pond. Currently, there is still a 3 x 6 pond at my house,” explained Risky.

His catfish pond is at his house in Banjarejo Village, Pakis District, Malang Regency. In addition, the funds are also for the production of fish floss. The marketing targets include Dinoyo and Merjosari residential areas. He said that the existence of the Indonesian Student Business Competition can train students’ business spirit. In addition, the funding is also quite large. The durability of catfish shreds of floss can be three up to five months.


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