The East Java governor, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, inaugurated the East Java Study Center at the University of Islam Malang at Gedung Bundar (round shaped building) (13/11). The inauguration was attended by regional heads throughout Malang  and the Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. H. Usra Hendra Harahap, M.Si

This Study Center was initiated by Unisma, starting from the idea of ​​the importance of fostering strategic studies, research and East Java’s identity as the imagined community. This Study Center will later become a forum for thinking and discussing strategic thinking that focuses on East Java.

“Now that East Java has just celebrated its 75th anniversary, towards a golden Indonesia, we need an in-depth study for improving the quality of human resources that will be needed by future generations and East Java in the future,” said Khofifah.

Khofifah also hopes that this Study Center will be connected with the East Java Communication and Information Agency, the provincial Regional Development Planning Board (BAPPEDA),  library and archives which provide digital information services about development planning and progress in East Java.

If Unisma has the jargon From NU for Indonesia and World Civilization, it is very necessary to conduct a strategic study as well as to revive Al Kullyatul Khams. These values ​​are khifdud inen (protecting religion); khifdun nafs (protecting the life); khifdul maal (protecting property); khifdul irdhi wan nasl (protecting dignity and descent) and khifdul aql (protecting the right to opinion). If these values ​​can be reformulated in multi-cultural dynamics, it can certainly revive the glory of the civilization of the Indonesian people and the province of East Java.

Meanwhile, the rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si in his speech expressed his gratitude to the Governor of East Java who was willing to attend and provide directions regarding the idea of ​​Unisma in collaboration with Village Apparatus Organizations (Organisasi Perangkat Desa) to establish an East Java Study Center at the University of  Islam Malang.

“Hopefully the East Java Study Center at University of Islam Malang will give an important meaning for development in East Java” said the rector of Unisma.