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Unisma has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the business and industrial world throughout Indonesia. A total of 35 industrial partners joined in this cooperation. They all signed at the same time. A total of 17 of them joined offline and the rest online.

In this MoU, Unisma involves five faculties and graduate programs. These include the Faculty of Administrative Sciences cooperating with seven industries, the Faculty of Animal Husbandry with four industries, the Faculty of Agriculture with 13 industries, the Faculty of Law with four industries, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education with one industry, and the Graduate Program with six industries.

Unisma’s rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si, said that in the era of globalization the spirit of collaboration has become a necessity. Unisma picked up the momentum quickly. “When we want to progress up rapidly, the partnership is a must,” he said.

According to him, several things that need to be achieved today are creativity, innovation, and productivity. All three cannot be achieved optimally without a strong network. The Penta helix concept by involving many parties must be done. Even the concept is now developing on the hexahelix. “We need to involve any party, starting from the government, the community, the business world, and the press media,” he said.

The era of information technology is no longer the time to cover up science or just for academics. Science must be implemented into the real world according to its field including the results of research and research by lecturers; hence it is not only a concept or discourse that is discussed in seminars.

In his speech, Prof. Maskuri emphasized that the Unisma MoU with dozens of Business and Industrial worlds was not just at the level of formality. The spirit of synergy must be built together so that knowledge and experience in the real world are equally beneficial. “There must be a concrete follow-up after this meeting with further action as a concept of symbiotic mutualism,” he explained.

Abdul Aziz as a representative from the industrial world said that the MoU with Unisma was something he had long waited for because the Business and Industrial worlds need support from academics. Many problems have been experienced but no solution. “We welcome this program to provide the best for both,” said the representative from the Management of  Alam Jaya Organic company.


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