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Islam Malang

General Lecture on Leadership with Prince of Qatar and Chairman of Pengurus Besar Nahdlatul Ulama (Indonesia Islamic group)


Unisma held a public lecture entitled “Muslim Leadership to Build a Better World Civilization”, at the auditorium of Prof. Dr. KH M Tholhah Hasan, Unisma, on Sunday (5/12).

This public lecture was attended by the General Chairperson of PBNU (the Indonesia Islamic group), KH Said Aqil Siradj; Secretary-General of the Qatar Royal Family Council, Sheikh Abdul Aziz A Rahman Hasan Al-Thani; accompanied by the rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. Maskuri, and moderated by Dr. Imam Wahyudi Karimullah. More than 400 people attended this public lecture both Unisma students and the public.

In this lecture, he explained the importance of leadership in creating a civilization that is respected by the world. “Leadership is very important. There will be no change if the leadership does not change. If you want to change, you must use leadership with love, compassion, and courtesy,” said Kyai Said Aqil.

Kyai Said Aqil also emphasized that NU has symbols showing patriotism which is part of faith. This shows that there is a harmonious relationship between religion and the state.

Furthermore, Sheikh Abdul Aziz revealed that the cooperation programs carried out by Qatar with PBNU will also be related to leadership. “We need to do this oriented to what was done by the companions of the Prophet Muhammad who emerged as leaders in the Islamic world,” he explained.

He also revealed that the Qatari government had collaborated with many countries to establish an Islamic leadership program. “We will do this program for the next few years,” he concluded.


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