Islam Malang

Islam Malang


The rector of Unisma Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M. Si challenges the entire Unisma academic community to progress as the challenges ahead are getting tougher. They can only be faced with courage without any hesitation to step up and compete with others.

Doubts and fears only hinder the progress of Unisma. Don’t be afraid of fighting, failing, and competing. “The key is to be brave. As long as there is still fear, we will not be able to advance Unisma,” said the rector.

This was conveyed in the Halal Bi Halal (the moment of asking for apology and forgiving) with Unisma big family (19/5). This activity was carried out online and offline in Unisma’s round building and attended offline by the foundation trustees, foundation supervisors and Unisma Foundation Management.

Prof. Maskuri never stops providing motivation, so that Unisma continues to make many breakthroughs through great thoughts from the academic community, allowing Unisma to produce creative and competitive students. “We want Unisma to be better, more developed and advanced. There is no intention to humiliate others, but solely to seek the pleasure of Allah,” he said.

The Halal Bi Halal event was even more meaningful with the presence of the chairman of the East Java Nahdlatul Ulama Regional Management board, KH. Marzuki Mustamar, MA who is also the caretaker of the Sabilurrosyad Gasek Islamic Boarding School who delivered religious talks.

According to him, Eid is meant to return to Fitrah (holy or purified). Fitrah Islam is Islam that is in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, which is also in line with the guidance of the values of Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah (Aswaja).

On that occasion, Kyai Marzuki invited Unisma community to stay solid under the auspices of NU through the guidance of the kyai (religious and pious figures) and scholars from the Aswaja community. “Keep consistent with NU, which implements Islamic law according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah or the teachings of the Prophet. Do not reduce and exaggerate,” he explained.


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