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There are still few small and medium industries in Malang that have received halal certificates. That is the concern of Unisma to help the small and medium industries to hold halal certificates.

This commitment was conveyed by the rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri Msi, on the sidelines of the submission of a halal certificate from the Halal Product Guarantee Agency to small and medium industries yesterday (28/6). “Unisma is ready to help encourage small and medium industries governance in terms of profiles, management, to the administration of small and medium industries to be much more qualified,” said Prof. Maskuri.

According to Prof. Maskuri, the obstacle faced by small and medium industries is that they can only utilize 18 percent of the available allocation. Meanwhile, non-small and medium industries can utilize an allocation of more than 17, reaching around 35 percent. In addition, the assistance that will be reported by Unisma is in the form of providing human resources (HR) through training programs. The aim is to assist small and medium industries.

Meanwhile, the head of the Malang small and medium industry forum, Neneng Abriyani stated that in 2020 as many as 18 people from the forum had registered halal product certificates to Halal Product Guarantee Agency. This year, the 18 small and medium industries actors managed to get the certificate. “We hope that in 2021 we will get halal facilities from Halal Product Guarantee Agency with even more quotas,” he said

He is also grateful that Unisma has helped facilitate them in obtaining halal certification. They received direct guidance from small and medium industries experts at Unisma. For this reason, their business continuity will remain guaranteed and their target is to penetrate the national market.


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