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Improving the quality of Human Resources (HR) is a serious concern of the Unisma. While studying, they are also facilitated to obtain certification in their field so that they can create new jobs after graduating from this university.

That spirit was presented in the national seminar “Improving the Competitiveness of Graduates Through Certification” which was held in the Unism’s round building on Saturday (26/6). The forum invited Kunjung Masehat MM. the Head of the National Professional Certification Agency.

“We are facing a changing era where our profession is judged by its certification. So there is evidence of competence, not just a diploma,” explained Masehat in his presentation. Therefore, his party fully supports Unisma’s steps by opening the widest opportunities for students to take part in the certification program.

Meanwhile, the rector of Unisma, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri Msi, added in many countries, competency certification is the main aspect. “In Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand, for example, what we are looking for is professional certification. It’s new here,” he said. Certification for student competence has been started in 2020. “It has been started since 2020 with the assistance of National Professional Certification Agency,” he asserted.

Unisma itself independently certifies once every semester. In more detail, the director of Unisma’s professional certification unit, Dr. Ir Djuhari Msi, said that next week Unisma will propose 10 competency test packages. “This is a program of assistance from the National Professional Certification Agency or the government for students to take a competency test which consists of 20 people per package. It is hoped that there will be 200 students who will participate,” he explained.

It is hoped that after taking the competency test, Unisma students can create new jobs. “So the hope is that graduates can open up job opportunities, not just looking for work because they already have competence by the certification program that has been taken,” he said.

The ten competencies include livestock production, service and warehousing management, agricultural supervisor or extension, policy analyst assistant, Level 6 expert accounting technician, marketing manager, broadcasting for the Indonesian language, executive administrative assistant for English, energy manager, construction and buildings, as well as water pollution management for faculty of natural science. “Soon, Islamic education will have halal product certification and the provision of simplicia for herbs, that’s for Pharmacy,” said Djuhari.


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