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Unisma is currently on a working visit to Bawean Island, Gresik, Thursday-Sunday (24-27 February 2022). This university that Bawean Island has great potential in terms of tourism, economic development, environment, and fisheries. Thus, Unisma boosts local wisdom through human resources and education in Bawean.

Unisma rector, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si, said that the missions he brought to Bawean were in the fields of education, training, and service, improving the quality of human resources, and new student recruitment.

In this way, the NU figures in Bawean seem to have new hope. They want to change the mindset and education in Bawean. “Almost 98 percent of the education and training here is under the NU scheme. The education system that has been built is still traditional in the Subdistricts of Tambah and Sangkapura,” he said.

With the presence of Unisma, NU figures and the Unisma rectorate mapped the educational constraints in the area,  explored potentials, then implemented a development program.

“HR is good as a lever for education in Bawean. So Bawean people not only understand the theory but also the environment and the welfare of the community, “he explained.

A series of activities were carried out such as gatherings and visits to several Islamic boarding schools including Khairo Ummah Sangkapura Islamic Boarding School, Miftahul Ulum Islamic Boarding School Karteng – Bululanjang, Darussalam Daun Islamic Boarding School, and Penaber Islamic Boarding School.

Not only Islamic boarding schools the improvement of human resources in educational institutions is also a target during the Unisma rector’s work visit with his teams such as giving a general stadium on the role of school principals in supporting the Motivating Organizational Program Toward global competitiveness to all school principals at various school levels, providing general stadiums at STAIHA Bawean as well as conducting consolidation with NU maarif management, Regional Management of Nahdlatul Ulama and NU Bawean cadres.

The role of Penta helix is ​​needed in developing human resources in Bawean. “Concentration on human resource development is needed such as by performing curriculum reconstruction, improving learning methods, and learning media. Local wisdom is a strategic issue as a leverage for the quality of education,” he explained.


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